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I was going to do this for individual languages, but since it looks like we have a wide variety here, I'm just going to suggest that everyone who would like to find a conversation partner consider leaving a comment here, and then if you see someone who wants to chat in the same language you do, reply and either leave your info or make arrangements to trade Skype names/Gchat/whatever.

With all the technology floating around, there are plenty of different ways to chat: via the various text chat services, audio with Skype (and I'm sure there are others), or video chat through Google, Skype, etc. Here's a suggested form, and remember to include languages you want to learn as well as those you speak relatively fluently and thus can help others with.

Languages you can chat in:
Chat services you have:
Medium you prefer (text, audio, video):
Do you like corrections when you make errors, or would you rather just chat?
Do you need advanced notice for any of the media listed (i.e., let's plan a video chat in advance so I'm not in my PJs)?


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