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Name:Language Learning
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Community description:Community for language learners to meet, discuss, and share resources.
Welcome to [community profile] language_learning!

This is a community for language learners of all levels to come together and share their experiences. Whether you're learning a language in school, in a new country, for fun online or from a book, for work, or any other reason, you can come here to:

  • Meet conversation partners who are learning your target language or native speakers of that language
  • Participate in general discussion posts in your target language or start posts in a language with which you're familiar
  • Ask questions about a language, language learning, or language resources
  • Share your triumphs and frustrations with language learning
  • Suggest tools and resources for language learning
  • Recommend educational programs or study or work abroad opportunities in a particular language
  • Or anything else that comes to mind!

Posting here is encouraged and posts will only be deleted if irrelevant to language learning. Feel free to post starting a discussion, asking a question, or recommending a resource. English will be the primary language of the community, but members are welcome to post in any language. There will also be regular posts opened by the moderator for discussion in or about particular languages. If your language is not well-represented here, please start a post or let me know by leaving a comment and I'd be happy to change that!

As always, be respectful of others when posting or commenting in the community.
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